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       Human Anatomy. Guide for the Practice and Self-Taught Classes [Текст] : учебное пособие. Module 1. "The Anatomy of Apparatus of Motion (Bones, Joints, Muscles). Nerves and Vessels of Extremities" / G. V. Dovgal [et al.]. - Dnepropetrovsk : б/и, 2014. - 426 p. - (State Establishment "Dnepropetrovsk Medical Academy of Ministry of Health of Ukraine").

       The educational-methodical manual contains materials for practical training and final control of Human anatomy for Module 1. Drawn up in accordance with the working programs on pharmacology chair, approved SSC SE "Dnepropetrovsk Medical Academy Health Ministry of Ukraine" on the basis of a model program in human anatomy for medical students of III - IV levels of accreditation in the specialties 7.110101 -Medicine, 7.110104-pediatrics.

       In the Instructor's Manual, which contains 259 pages, contains a list of topics of practical lessons and topics of the first module to be submitted to an independent study. The manual section reveals the anatomy of the musculoskeletal system, and innervations and blood supply to the extremities. Each theme is built practical lesson plan and outline its implementation.       

      The manual includes block diagrams. At the end of each topic contains the base tests for self-control. Meets all the requirements that relate to the teaching activities of this type is relevant and appropriate to the learning process as one of alternative textbooks in today's diversity of views and approaches to the process of studying anatomy. A team of members of the Department of Human Anatomy State Establishment «Dnepropetrovsk Medical Academy of Health Ministry of Ukraine», developed manual.

Акушерство, гінекологія та перинатологія. Педіатрія

Анатомія людини. Патологічна анатомія. Гістологія

Біологія. Фізика

Військова медицина. Медицина катастроф

Інфекційні хвороби


Фізична реабілітація. Ерготерапія

Фізіологія. Патологічна фізіологія

Хімія. Біохімія

Хірургія. Травматологія та ортопедія