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       Clinical Anatomy and Operative Surgery. Textbook [Текст] : учебник / ed. V. Yu. Yershov. - Kyiv : AUS Medicine Publishing, 2018. - 503 p. : il., цв. ил.

       The textbook contains a complete course of both operative surgery and clinical anatomy. It is aimed at higher medical schools’ students of "Medicine” specialty. The guide deals exhaustively with the key issues of the subject, its history, basic items of clinical anatomy, main principles of operative surgery as well as classical and advanced surgical techniques. An increased focus is put on the evolution of clinical anatomy and operative surgery in Ukraine. The present edition includes the introduction, historical review, introductory chapter of the general principles of clinical anatomy and operative surgery as well as 30 special chapters describing the clinical anatomy of the human body. The manual also comprises the basic and the most common techniques of surgical interference used in the area. The textbook contains color and black-and-white figures, tables and diagrams. This edition may be beneficial to the students, interns and doctors of surgical specialties.

Акушерство, гінекологія та перинатологія. Педіатрія

Анатомія людини. Патологічна анатомія. Гістологія

Біологія. Фізика

Військова медицина. Медицина катастроф

Інфекційні хвороби


Фізична реабілітація. Ерготерапія

Фізіологія. Патологічна фізіологія

Хімія. Біохімія

Хірургія. Травматологія та ортопедія