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      Stomatology: Textbook. In 2 Books [Текст] : учебник. Book 2. Therapeutic Dentistry. Surgical Stomatology. Surgical Aspects of Implantology. Restorative and Reconstructive Surgery of the Face and Jaws / ed. M. M. Rozhko. - Kyiv : AUS Medicine Publishing, 2018. - 959 p. : il.

       In the textbook, main problems of dental service, therapeutic and surgical dentistry are elucidated. Sections of the textbook correspond to the curriculum and program of training in the internship on the specialty of “Stomatology". Basic principles of delivering dental care for population, clinical picture, methods of diagnosis and treatment of hard dental tissues, periodontal tissues and mucous membrane of the oral cavity are stated. Problems of clinical picture, diagnosis and treatment of surgical pathology of the maxillofacial area are considered. Text of the textbook is accompanied by rich original illustrative material. it is intended for interns-stomatologists of faculties of postdiploma education, students of the Master’s course, postgraduates, resident physicians, doctors-stomatologists.

Акушерство, гінекологія та перинатологія. Педіатрія

Анатомія людини. Патологічна анатомія. Гістологія

Біологія. Фізика

Військова медицина. Медицина катастроф

Інфекційні хвороби


Фізична реабілітація. Ерготерапія

Фізіологія. Патологічна фізіологія

Хімія. Біохімія

Хірургія. Травматологія та ортопедія