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       Traumatology & Orthopedics: Textbook for Students of Higher Medical Schools IV Level of Accreditation [Текст] : учебник / ed.: G. G. Golka, O. A. Burianov, V. G. Klimovitsky. - Vinnytsia : Nova Knyha , 2018. - 399 p. : il., цв. ил. - (Minystry of Health of Ukraine).

       The national textbook in accordance with the curriculum approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine covers modem views on etiology, development mechanisms, principles of diagnostics and treatment of injuries and diseases of the apparatus of movement support. There is presented a modern view on the pathogenesis of traumatic disease, bone tissue regeneration, common complications, methods for prevention and treatment. Taking into account changes in the structure of injuries, special attention is paid to the issues of combat damages, the organization of stage care for polytrauma, spine, pelvis, limb injuries, and restorative treatment of patients with musculoskeletal injuries. Details include widespread congenital deformities, degenerative-dystrophic, inflammatory and tumor diseases of spine and joints. The publication is intended for students of higher medical educational institutions, interns, clinical residents, doctors in sports medicine, traumatologists-orthopedists and surgeons. 

Акушерство, гінекологія та перинатологія. Педіатрія

Анатомія людини. Патологічна анатомія. Гістологія

Біологія. Фізика

Військова медицина. Медицина катастроф

Інфекційні хвороби


Фізична реабілітація. Ерготерапія

Фізіологія. Патологічна фізіологія

Хімія. Біохімія

Хірургія. Травматологія та ортопедія